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The importance of communication!

  • How often do you go into a shop and ask where something is?
  • How often do you watch and listen to the tv?
  • Have you ever considered what it’s like to not have those skills and how scary the world would be? 

Communication is a basic human right; we all deserve that, in whatever form it comes in. It might be that it is verbal, so talking, or non-verbal, by this we mean communicating through gestures, signing or perhaps a written medium. Also, did you know that people with speech, language and communication needs tend to be visual, which is why you will see me using lots of symbols, shapes and colours in therapy sessions, and fits with the theme of making communication visual. But I don’t just make it up, there are built on evidence and proven to work. But it’s far too complex to go into in this blog, it just means, I’ll write another soon.

I was inspired to become a speech and language therapist by my brother, who was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. So, I have first-hand experience of how important having the means to communication is, and the difficulties that come with having impacted language. 

Are you still with me, I hope so…

Why not step into the shoes of a person with communication difficulties, truly understand for 10 minutes what it’s like to be in their world. I challenge you, go into a public place and ask for something but you are not allowed to talk . Use any other means you can to get your message across. It is a powerful reminder of what the majority of people have, and take for granted.

I will check in with you all soon to see how you got on. Remember to share your experiences, take to social media, and spread the word. How many of your friends and family can you get to participate? It is only by participating and sharing how we got on, that we can empower people with additional needs.

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